Looking for a therapist?

Few people look for a therapist when they are in a good place emotionally or psychologically. This compounds the already daunting task. What should we be looking for anyway? How do we know a therapist is worth the money?

The most important thing about therapy is the relationship between the client and the therapist. It is the nature of this relationship that will define the possibilities within therapy. It is undeniably difficult to predict the possible nature of this relationship by reading the blurb on an online directory of counsellors or on a counsellor’s business website. Maybe there is something about the counsellor’s profile picture that makes you feel more positive or negative about the prospect of working with them. Maybe there is the location and the cost, practical matters, that influence your choice.

Overall the only real way to discover what it’s like to work with any particular therapuetic counsellor is to give it a go. If it doesn’t feel right you will be able to discuss this with your counsellor and come to a decision whether to continue or end therapy with them. They may be able to refer you to another counsellor, or you may be able to find a different therapist online or through any other means.

The important thing to remember is that it is you who will decide who you want to work with. Few if any counsellors would want to work with a client who didn’t feel safe in their sessions with them, or who didn’t feel able to make a connection with them.